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Medical Research Council Community Forum

Partner : Medical Research Council, Durban

Funder : MRC and info4africa

During 2012, the MRC/info4africa Community Forum focused on spotlighting important government and civil society programmes that have an impact on health-related disciplines. Popular presentations during 2012 included an overview of the HIV and AIDS, STI and TB Strategy for implementation in KwaZulu-Natal for the next five years. This presentation was given by the KwaZulu-Natal Premier’s Office and provided opportunities for civil society organisations to engage the Premier’s Office in conversations to seek clarity on the roll-out of the provincial and national plan (NSP) in KwaZulu-Natal. Also popular was a CEGAA presentation on Challenges and Opportunities for HIV, AIDS and TB budget monitoring at local level in South Africa. The forum series also drew attention to medical innovation in our country. Gita Ramjee presented on the important role of Microbicides in the fight against HIV, and ICAP shared their strategy for supporting marginalised groups, an important focus area for the new NSP, through the Mosaic Men’s Health Initiative.

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