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eThekwini Community Foundation Partnership - Rhino Parade

info4africa were fortunate to be introduced to eThekwini Community Foundation director, Kathryn Kure, in early 2012. She has a vision of creating a craft networking and trade hub in KwaZulu-Natal. With info4africa’s passion for networking, we “clicked” and the result has been the involvement of info4africa and the Ubunye Co-operative in a number of high profile art and craft initiatives. Most important of these is the Rhino Parade, which linked collaboration of crafters on two three-quarter life-size rhinos. eThekwini Community Foundation funded the collaboration between seven craft groups, who hold varying years of experience and a wide range of expertise in traditional and contemporary craft and design. The first rhino, named “Yenza” (Just do it), is located at the Durban Art Gallery in the City Hall. The Co-operative was responsible for the beading of the sunflower design on both sides of the stomach.  Whilst overwhelmed at first, the Co-operative’s members were undaunted and gained confidence in being included in such an important project. The success of this first Rhino, meant that by the end of 2012, eThekwini had secured The Ubunye Co-operative, Umcebo Design, Ukhamba Craft, Sydenham Community Craft Centre and several new partners to work on a second rhino, Nkanyezi (Shining Star). We commenced work on Nkanyezi, funded largely by the US Consulate and Wildlands Trust, shortly after Christmas 2012. Special thanks need to be given to Illa Thompson for documenting the creation of these beautiful art pieces and her superb publicity which garnered significant profile for all the craft groups involved.