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Exposure Programme Ukhamba Craft

Ukhamba Craft from Hammarsdale, KwaZulu-Natal, mentored by Wendy Chatterton, focus on creating crochet mats and related products from offcuts of t-shirting from the mills in the Hammarsdale/Mpumalanga area. An exposure programme was arranged with The Ubunye Co-Operative through which about twelve members from both groups collaborated to produce two multimedia art pieces. These sheep, called “Donna” and “Summer” – in reference to their “bling” qualities – were a hit at a number of local craft shows, such as the eThekwini Municipality Sustainable Living Fair, held in the latter half of 2012.  They also formed part of the Ubunye Co-Operative/Ukhamba Craft collaborative exhibition at the Intellectual Property 2012 Exhibition, hosted at the KZNSA Gallery.

The sheep were sold to collectors and the funds were used to support on-going collaboration. This twinning broadened the horizons of both groups as they gathered strength from each other’s experiences and knowledge in their respective skill areas. The groups remain connected despite the physical distance between them.